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Sarnia, Ontario
N7T 7X2

Phone: (519) 332-4876

Registered Charity: #135262012RR0001


If you love math, enjoy writing, read books to expand your world or use a computer with ease, volunteering with OLL may be for you! Share your knowledge and passion for learning in a meaningful way by encouraging, motiving and supporting others while they work to improve their own literacy skills.

Volunteer opportunities exist within our Adult or Family Literacy Programs, Special Events, Promotions Committee or Board of Directors.

Complete our Volunteer Application Form below if you are interested. Our office will contact you to arrange an interview to determine what volunteer opportunity is available!

Hear It From Us

Our Volunteers

“I would absolutely recommend Literacy Lambton as a place to come for anyone looking for help with their literacy skills. All the volunteers are great. The staff are wonderful and they really are concerned about the people they help”

“We’re really happy to see those reports from parents that children are more confident and engaged with their learning. The fact that it’s a fun kind of program and gives them a chance to work on their skills in a fun way is really important to us”

Our Staff

“Everybody’s time is so valuable that works here, that we rely on and appreciate our volunteers so much, because volunteers really do help keep things on track, and they mean so much to our agency”

“We are the first step that they need to take to help reach their goal. Whether their goal is upgrading skills for employment, independence, secondary school credits or college, we are the organization that can help with that!”

Our Learners

“Since going to a literacy program, it is much easier to cope with life and I don’t know how I survived with the education that I had. I can figure things out for myself and I don’t have to ask so many questions any more.”

“Thanks to my new found skills and self-esteem, I feel more capable to go out and find a great job that I am worthy of”

How Can You Help

-Get to know OLL! Learn about our FREE programs and how we help the community!

-Like Us on Facebook and Instagram to help us reach new people

-Share our Facebook and Instagram posts

-Refer people to our website

-Encourage people to enrol in our programs

-Understand and talk about the importance of literacy in day-to-day activities

-Share your love of reading, writing, math and communication

-Donate gently used books to our Take-A-Book program (call before)

-Share your knowledge and experience with learners as a volunteer

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